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Datum : 14/04/2019
Auteur : Maja Haanskorf
Land : Mexico

Feminist Voices & Revolutionary Music

How to stop femicide in Mexico?

Have you ever heard of femicide? This is the murder of women, because they are women. Femicide is a major social problem in Mexico, along with other forms of violence against women. During this program feminist voices share their ideas about the causes of femicide and violence against women in Mexico. How can we change this culture of violence? 

We talk about this with journalist Pedro Miguel, feminists Tamara Pels-Idrobo Tapia and Myrna de la Peña, and with the band Snowapple. Snowapple just returned from a tour through Mexico and they share their stories and revolutionary music with us.

Waar: Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8, Den Haag
Wanneer: 17 april 2019, 20.00 uur
Meer info: https://www.humanityhouse.org


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